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Medication / Medical Conditions


Prior to administering any medication to a child while at school, the school must receive (1) written instructions from the child’s physician, and (2) a written request from the parent or guardian. Parents may pick up an “Administration of Medication to a Student” form from the school office or request the form via email from our school nurse, Phoebe Reid-Chambers at

Medicines must be in their original pharmacy packaging. Do not send medicines to school without the completed form. The school nurse or other school personnel will be available to assist a child who is required to take medication during the regular school day. All medication will be kept in the nurse’s office.

Medical Conditions

Please write into the electronic forms and inform your child’s teacher of any health condition that your child may have, including such things as food allergies. If your child is required to carry an inhaler for asthma, you must inform the nurse, and have your doctor note it on the “Administration of Medication to a Student” form. 

To ensure your child’s health and wellbeing at school, the school nurse reviews with staff all medical conditions of students that may need special consideration or emergency attention. Please direct any medical concerns or questions to Nurse Phoebe Reid-Chambers at