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5th Grade - Eaglin, Nicholas

Nicholas Eaglin

About Me:

Hello everyone, my name is Nicolas Eaglin. Mostly everyone calls me Nico, Mr. Nico, or some other variation. I’m excited to bring my knowledge and experience to the Orion Community and Redwood City at large. I was born in Pacifica California, raised in San Francisco, and went to Milwaukee for College. I’d say Pacifica didn’t become a home until after I graduated. Although it is my 2nd year teaching in a classroom, I’ve been working professionally with children for over six years. Five of those years were primarily spent working in child-care, but I accumulated a lot of experience working as a substitute teacher, a PlayWorks Instructor, and most importantly, a student. I have two goals when it comes to working with children: teach them the power of imagination and the value of hard work. I’m looking forward to this journey that lies ahead, and I thank you for welcoming me along.


E-mail address:

Extension number: 3162