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3rd Grade - Loh, Hooi

Hool Loh

About Me:

My name is Hooi Loh. I graduated from BYU Hawaii with a BA in psychology, with an emphasis on education. I later studied at San Jose State University for my teaching credentials. Before joining John Gill, I mostly taught K-2 grades.
I was coached by many inspiring teachers as a student, and they inspired me to become a teacher as well. I enjoy working with children and believe that every child comes with unique talents and can reach the highest of their potential. With activities in our classroom such as reading, music, art, and hands-on projects, I hope my students will feel welcome and accommodated for their needs. My goal is also to help my students to become happy, kind, and studious citizens.
 When I am away from the classroom, I read, bake and travel with my family.




E-mail address:

Extension number: 3185