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Mandarin Immersion Program

Redwood City School District's (RCSD) Mandarin Immersion program brings together Mandarin- and English-speaking students and families for the opportunity of a promising future of being bilingual, bi-literate, and academically enriched.

In an ever-expanding global economy, our nation will need its future leaders to be both bi-literate and have an understanding of multiple cultures. What if your child could learn how to build relationships across cultures as they speak, listen to others in their native language, and learn better verbal and non-verbal cues while increasing their cognitive abilities? Our Mandarin Immersion program not only provides a rigorous and innovative educational curriculum, but also prepares our students to be future 21st century leaders and the opportunity to learn one of the world’s most prevalent spoken languages.

  • RCSD's Mandarin Immersion program is housed at Orion Alternative Elementary School.
  • Did you know that Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world?  There are 1.1 billion speakers followed by 983 million English speakers.
  • We offer a unique Mandarin Immersion program from kinder - 8th grade. We focus on proficiency in English and Mandarin, achievement of core academic competencies across both languages and a heightened geographical, cultural, and civic understanding of the world through a global lens. The goal is to have the next generation to be confident young adults who can move comfortably and adaptive between languages and cultures.
  • Our Mandarin program has high expectations for students. They are expected to show high levels of proficiency in both Mandarin and English by the time they exit 5th grade. If families choose, students may continue their Mandarin studies in our school district at Kennedy Middle School for 6th-8th grades and with the Sequoia Union High School District at Woodside High School for 9th-12th grade.