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Our Community

Parent and Community Involvement

Parents play an important role through active participation and involvement in the Parent Teacher Organization,  Mandarin Advisory Committee, Principal Campus Advisory Committee, School Site Council, English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC), and other support committees. Parents in both programs are encouraged to volunteer at school events and in the classrooms. Our school is very proud of the strong support it receives from its parent community.

Our school also receives a considerable amount of support from communities outside the school.

  • Each week, retired teachers and community members come to our campus to provide one-on-one tutoring for students through Heathy Cities Tutoring. These volunteers are matched with students based on the academic and emotional needs of the child and provide additional help with reading skills or math skills. 
  • The Redwood City Education Foundation (RCEF) has hosted community-building events in recent years, including a Family Fun Night at the Redwood City Library and a bookmaking night at the school. These events have allowed time for socializing and creating artwork and have been thoroughly enjoyed by students and families.
  • Our school was selected by the San Mateo County Office of Education Environmental and Sustainability initiative   to form a partnership to “rebuild” the school garden with Each Green Corner. Many parent and local volunteers came to the school to weed, mulch, prune, build outdoor learning spaces in the  school garden, build planter boxes, plant flowers and clean away brush. Thanks to the effort of this outside organization as well as regular events hosted by a parent-based Beautification Committee, our school benefits from a scenic, well-maintained campus where children have space to play and learn.
  • Our parents and outside volunteers instill a true sense of community at the school, and help make our school an even more special place for learning.